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Okwa Sarefo

Born and grown up in a small village of the Okavango Delta, Okwa Sarefo's guiding experience was absorbed already from childhood. During that time fishing and hunting was his daily sport and he learned how to pole a mokoro (the traditional method of transport) at the age of 8.

He became a full professional guide in 1996 and has more than 25 years of experience in Botswana’s safari industry. He has worked as guide and manager at some of the most expensive and high-end lodges the country has to offer and has a wealth of knowledge, experience and stories to share.

Okwa loves to share his knowledge about the bush with his guests and enjoys to meet people from all around the world.

OKWA - 1 von 2.png
OKWA - 1 von 2.png

Onalenna Okwa


Onalenna Okwa, well known as "Owner", is born and raised in a small village called Etsha on the edge of the beautiful Okavango Delta.

She enjoyed the kitchen already with only 6 years old. Her parents encouraged her to go for a food production qualification as a chef. After completing her qualification in Maun she freelanced for Wild Expeditions Safaris which was founded by her father, Okwa Sarefo. As she proved to be a loyal and productive employee, her father offered her shares in the company which she proudly accepted. She enjoys learning new menus and cooking the most memorable meals for her guest.


Being with Owner on a mobile Safari is definitely an unforgettable culinary experience, as the food that she can perform in a fire kitchen is just admirable.